Doing our bit Supporting great causes

Doing our bit for the community because it’s not all about work.

We’re not a big organisation, but we believe we can make a difference. From inspiring the next generation of budding engineers to supporting local grassroot causes, we feel it’s important to contribute our bit to society.

Inspiring The next Generation

Our industries future is in these little nippers. By using hands on workshops and educational talks, we show schoolchildren from Yr 9 onwards how engineering is an integral part of day to day life. We educate them on the different professions within our industry, the challenges and opportunities to envisage a career in engineering.

Mentorships with Upcoming Engineers

We offer mentorships to university-level engineering students. Whether it’s help with prototyping, or as a sounding board to share engineering challenges with – we can provide real-world support to the next generation of product designers (and we might recruit them too!).

Supporting Grassroot Communities

We support local charities at the coal face and our donation strategy has been a core principle from our beginnings. 10% of our annual profits are set aside to support those making a difference in the community from food banks to D&T equipment, keeping it local is high on our agenda.

Our Environmental Approach

We build sustainability not only into the products we develop – but the way we run our business. Keeping things digital where we can, we design with sustainability in mind and have overseas resources to reduce our carbon footprint.


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